Carmel Clay Schools

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Location: Carmel, IN

Project Type: Pavement Rehabilitation

Application: Tennis Court

Product Used: PETROMAT Enviro


The tennis courts at Carmel Clay Schools in Carmel, IN were experiencing cracking due to freeze/thaw conditions from harsh Indiana winters. The school system wanted to resurface the courts to ensure optimal performance for the school’s students and tennis team. The school also wanted a solution that would provide long-term resistance to cracking.


PETROMAT® Enviro was included in the resurfacing design to provide a moisture barrier for the pavement that would retard reflective cracking. PETROMAT® Enviro™ is a paving fabric that is engineered to mill into small pieces so it can easily be recycled. Enviro provides unmatched moisture protection for pavements while absorbing stress to slow fatigue and reflective cracking in asphalt pavement.


Eight tennis courts were resurfaced and a total of 5,200 square yards of PETROMAT Enviro was included on the project.

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