Gene Snyder Airport

Gene Snyder hero


Location: Falmouth, KY

Project Type: Airport

Application: Airport Pavement

Product Used: PETROMAT Enviro


Gene Snyder Airport is Kentucky’s northernmost general aviation airport. The airport’s runway pavement was experiencing a range of cracking including pavement joint cracks, thermal, longitudinal and transverse cracking. Airport pavements are plagued with moisture infiltration due to their wide, flat nature. The Kentucky Aviation Department needed to rehabilitate the pavement to prevent moisture from further deteriorating the runway.


The project engineer had previously used PETROMAT® Enviro on two airport projects and liked its ability to mill and recycle. Unlike traditional paving fabric, PETROMAT Enviro is engineered to mill into small pieces so it can easily be recycled. Enviro provides unmatched moisture protection for pavements while absorbing stress to slow fatigue and reflective cracking.

Two inches was milled off of the existing pavement. Next, an intermediate course was placed and approximately 18,240 square yards of the paving fabric was installed quickly by a subcontractor. Finally, two inches of asphalt was placed over the Enviro.


The project engineer is so pleased with the installation and performance of Enviro that he has included PETROMAT Enviro in a fourth airport rehabilitation design.

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